It’s one of the biggest days of the year! The excitement is building and you gotta throw the best party for your kid, so what do you do? You could be inspired by princesses, superheroes, cartoons, glitter or lego but what’s something all guests will be entertained by? Check out our list for the most interesting child birthday party ideas to help make your party a success!

Arts & Crafts 

A very simple idea but works wonders every time! Kids are fascinated by inventions and crafts. We love this idea because kids get to share their creative talent while still socializing with their friends. There are not many physical requirements for arts & crafts so just about everybody will love to draw and create! Painting can be a bit messy so creating fun crafts is probably the best way to go. Try creating homemade bean bags, superhero masks, tooth fairy jars or margarine tub boats.


A traditional idea that always brightens the crowd! Most magicians will work with you to provide entertainment tailor-made to your needs so it can be affordable and customizable. Every kid in the room will be amazed by the magic!

Mad Scientist 

Almost all kids are amazed by science experiments that are nearly magic! Safe chemical and mechanical experiments that usually result in a “take-home” item like slime. The “Science Guy” or “Mad Scientist” will conduct about an hour of entertainment full of science! All of the science experiments are safe and educational.


A unique idea is creating your own Broadway for your child’s birthday party! Offer costumes, music, props and let the children create their own dreams. Try recording the performance on a DVD and offer everyone their own copy. These are often themed parties that involve all of the guests participating in creating their very own show.

Picture Perfect Photo Booth 

One of the best ideas is The Picture Perfect Photo Booth!  As guests walk up to the mirror, colorful animations and a voice guidance invite them to engage in a magical, interactive “selfie” experience presenting a photo keepsake. All the photos can be emailed and are digitally high definition. The Picture Perfect Photo Booth is a whole new level of fun, this will be all the kids wanna do at your party!